Pedometer - Evaluna

To measure your shoe size, please refer to the distance between the heel and the longest finger. You can establish it with security, drawing on a sheet of paper a sign on the heel and one at the finger. He puts his foot right track and the two signs. precisely measure the length between the two sections and uses the reference table to find what’s your number.Follow the same procedure for the other foot, because it often happens that the feet are not exactly the same length. In this case, the measure to be considered is the broadest because otherwise the shoes are likely to be narrow for one of the two feet. To locate the height of a boot, you must be measured at the side the distance between the ankle and calf: if this length, for example, is 29 cm, the boot suitable for you will be of 29 centimeters.

The width indicates the widest point of the boot leg. To assess the width of your foot, measure the circumference of the ankle in the thickest spot.
Alternatively you can download our pedimetro. After downloading print it on A4 paper, without scaling the image, this would distort the measurement. After you put the foot with the heel positioned on the far side of the lower silhouette and read the measurement corresponding to the toe.
Of course, the reference table has a purely indicative value that may vary. Do not hesitate to rely on your experience and to our customers’ recommendations.

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