Our Company has a great deal of experience in shoe design and manufacturing, thanks to the cooperation of some highly qualified professionals; with its long experience, Evaluna can prompty meet market forces both in Italy and abroad, also facing ever increasing number of orders.

Evaluna is a brand that caters to an active and dynamic woman, who wants to be dressy and graceful without sacrificing comfort.

Product reliability is guaranteed by the quality of our shoe finishes,  the choice of excellent raw materials, the elegance and originality of all different models; all these features are the result of the collaboration with some of the most expert shoe designers.

Working in this way, Evaluna has become a well-known brand in Italy and abroad.

Evaluna creates very original pairs of shoes, ranging from simple shoes and winter boots to sandals and pumps.

Evaluna always aim at being innovative for her models and working. Indeed, our organizational structure enables us to fulfill orders quickly.